Pasta Salad

The thing about eating clean is that its infectious and my whole family has caught the bug. This means that pasta and ugali are now evil words in my household. We swear by anything coconut and we don’t eat after 8pm. Advertisements

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Friendship Friday Salad

  I have this friend who I won’t call my best friend. I want to say it’s because the word best friend is cliché. It’s definitely not because it’s purely one-sided and her best friend is her husband and all I am is a troll trying to third wheel my way into their relationship but […]

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Spinach And Tofu Salad

Spinach and Tofu Salad I see you turning up your nose at the word Tofu. For many tofu conjures up images of reluctant vegetarians and blandness. But I’ve got two words for you protein and canvas. Confused? Let’s talk. Protein– Tofu is one of the highest sources of proteins available with up to 8gm of […]

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Bean Salad

My new job consists mostly of sitting at a desk and as much as I love what I do I’m not as active as I used to be which means piling on the kilos is considerably easier. I’ve learned many things during my weight-loss journey and each new situation in my life teaches me new […]

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